Other Name: 2-[4-(1,1-dimethylethyl)phenoxy]cyclohexyl 2-propynyl sulfite nitenpyram, 烯腚虫胺

CAS Number: [2312-35-8]

Molecular Formula: C19H26O4S

Nitenpyram is used for the treatment of flea infestations on dogs, puppies, cats, and kittens. It starts killing adult fleas that are on the pet within 30 minutes, but its effectiveness only lasts 24 hours. It will be very useful in certain circumstances such as prior to surgery, boarding, or grooming. It will also be useful to use before returning from shows, trials, dog parks, or other areas where your pet may be exposed to fleas.

For corp protection section, Nitenpyram is a new nicotinic insecticide ,nitenpyram is used to kill and control lepidoptera larve ,aleyrodid,aphid and planting predatory mite. It is a neonicotinoid, a neurotoxin that blocks neural messages and binds particularly tightly in the central nervous system of insects, causing rapid death. Nitenpyram has a good, rapid, long-term activity against aphids, leafhopper, whitefly. It was low toxicity to animal. flea controlMixed with such as organophosphate, carbamate, nereistoxin toxins it could produce synergy and was effective to mites. Nitenpyramcan be used as leaf treatment and soil treatment.

Agonist of the nicotinic acetylcholine receptor, affecting cholinergic transmissions in the insect central nervous system.

Mode of action
Systemic insecticide with translaminar activity and with contact and stomach action.


Control of aphids, thrips, leafhoppers, whitefly, and other sucking insects on rice and glasshouse crops. On rice, applied at 15-75 g/ha (foliar), 75-100 g/ha (dust) or 300-400 g/ha (soil treatment). Also for control of fleas on cats and dogs.

Formulation types DP; GR; SP.

Our Technical Material (TC) of Nitenpyram have the specification as below:

Items Specification
Appearance yellow to snuff-colored powder
Content 95% min.
Water 1.0% max.
pH Range 6.0-9.0
Water Insoluble Matter 1.0% max.

GHS complaint Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for commercial product of Nitenpyram is available uopn requested.