About Us

Shaoxing Biotech Chemical Co Ltd is legally registed company in China as per appliable law and regulations. The principals are trained and licesed by work safety in hazardous chemicals operating.

Company fast growth benefit from our correct understanding about chemical and its know-how technoligies. We are continuously committed to marketing research and development of new technologies, link us very closely with customers, end users and supply with them the proper product with good satisfication.

The products are including peroxygen salts/peroxide, drilling chemial, plant regulator, pesticide and intermediate chemical etc..

We also invested our son company named after Shaoxing Chiyue Pack Co Ltd. The new company are manufacturing plastic articles required by cosmetic, skin care, househould application. The necessary installation on the site are including accurate mold making and two-stage injection stretch blow molding machine, decoration of silk screen and hot stamping etc.