Other Name:3-[(2-chloro-5-thiazolyl)methyl]tetrahydro-5-methyl-N-nitro-4H-1,3,5-oxadiazin-4-imine Deltamethrin,溴氰菊酯;

CAS Number: [ 52918-63-5 ]

Molecular Formula: C22H19Br2NO3

Deltamethrin is a pyrethroid insecticide. Pyrethroids are synthetic compounds made to mimic the pyrethrins that are isolated from chrysanthemum flowers.

Deltamethrin is a broad-spectrum insecticide that works by interfering with a nerve cell's ability to send a normal signal by jamming open tiny gates on the cell that need to open and close rapidly to carry the message. Deltamethrin can be found in a wide variety of products used in agriculture, on golf courses, gardens, and lawns, indoors, and even on pets.

Like all pyrethroids, prevents the sodium channels from functioning, so that no transmission of nerve impulses can take place.

Mode of action
Non-systemic insecticide with contact and stomach action. Fast-acting.

A potent insecticide, effective by contact and ingestion against a wide range of pests. Crop protection uses include: Coleoptera (2.5-7.5 g/ha), Heteroptera (5.0-7.5 g/ha), Homoptera (6.2-12.5 g/ha), Lepidoptera (5.0-21 g/ha) and Thysanoptera (5-10 g/ha) in cereals, citrus, cotton, grapes, maize, oilseed rape, soya beans, top fruit and vegetables. It controls Acrididae (5.0-12.5 g/ha), and is recommended against locusts. Soil surface sprays (2.5-5.0 g/ha) control Noctuidae. It is used against indoor crawling and flying insects (12.5 mg/m2) and pests of stored grain (0.25-0.5 g/t) and timber (Blattodea, Culicidae, Muscidae). Dip or spray (12.5-75 mg/l), and pour-on (0.75 mg/kg b.w.) applications give good control of Muscidae, Tabanidae, Ixodidae and other Acari on cattle, sheep and pigs, etc.

Formulation types DP; EC; EG; EW; GR; HN; PO; SC; SL; TB; UL; WG; WP.

Our Technical Material (TC) have the specification as per GB 28131-2011

Items Specification
Appearance Offwhite crystalline powder
Content 98.5% min.
Loss on drying 0.5% max.
pH range 4.0-7.0

GHS complaint Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for commercial product of Deltamethrin is available uopn requested.