Other Name:  [1α(S*), 3α]-(+)-cyano(3-phenoxyphenyl)methyl 3-(2,2-dichloroethenyl)-2,2-dimethylcyclopropanecarboxylate

CAS Number: [67375-30-8]

Molecular Formula: C22H19Cl2NO3

Alpha cypermethrin is a synthetic compound belonging to the pyrethroid group of chemicals. It is a racemic mixture of two isomers of Cypermethrin. It is a non-systemic contact and residual insecticide with two to three times greater activity than regular cypermethrin. It acts through digestion in the target organism stomach, going on to effect the central and peripheral nervous system through sodium channel modulation.

Alpha cypermethrin affects a wide range of insects, effectively controlling chewing and sucking insects. It can be used as a preventative agent if applied at regular intervals or as a knockdown treatment to control existing larvae. Alpha cypermethrin is approved for use in cereals, cotton, fruits, vegetables, flower crops, oilseeds, sugar beet, tea, tobacco, vines, etc. Alpha cypermethrin is available in a variety of concentrations and formulations.

APPLICATIONS:Alpha cypermethrin

Acts by preventing transmission of impulses along nerves, brought about by blocking the passage of sodium ions through sodium channels in nerve membranes thus preventing action potentials passing down axons. Typically this intoxication results in a rapid "knockdown" and resultant mortality.

Mode of action Non-systemic insecticide with contact and stomach action. Acts on the central and peripheral nervous system in very low doses.

Control of a wide range of chewing and sucking insects (particularly Lepidoptera, Coleoptera, and Hemiptera) in fruit (including citrus), vegetables, vines, cereals, maize, beet, oilseed rape, potatoes, cotton, rice, soya beans, forestry, and other crops; applied at 10-15 g/ha. Control of cockroaches, mosquitoes, flies, and other insect pests in public health; and flies in animal houses. Also used as an animal ectoparasiticide.

Formulation types EC; SC; TB; UL; WP.

Our Technical Material (TC) have the specification as these:

Items Specification
Appearance Offwhite crystalline powder
Content 95% min.
Water 0.5% max.
Acidity (as H2SO4) 0.2% max.
Aceton Insoluble Matter 0.5% max.

GHS complaint Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for commercial product of Alpha Cypermethrin is available uopn requested.