Safety Data Sheet for chemical products, SDS

China is one of many countries that have agreed to implement GHS. Chinese government has published several compulsory national standards (starting with GB) and recommended national standards (GB/T 16483-2008) between 2008 and 2013 (GB/T 17519-2013).

We as Chinese companies selling chemicals to global market had been required to adopt these standards to classify, label and package chemicals as well as prepare safety data sheets in accordance with the requirements of GHS as from 1 May 2011 officially.

We normally put the Safety Data Sheet for download purpose from page of product, but if you prefer to have GHS compliant (standard: ISO 11014: 2009) or CLP compliant one, please feel free to contact with us for updating. or sometimes, you may prefer to have your own languages, we will prepare it for you when ordering.

All the product delivered by us will have the Safety Data Sheet and proper labeling and packaging, we can make you assure that is fit for your final usage purpose.

Useful References:

  • ISO 11014: 2009 Safety data sheet for chemical products — Part 1: Content and order of
  • Chinese Standard: GB/T 16483-2008
  • Chinese Standard: GB/T 17519-2013