Advantages of Us

1. More than decades of years expereience of importing & exporting of chemical allied product

2. We are Chemist firstly, and know how to identify chemical as well its mixtures with product profiles and libary.

3. We know how to identify commodity code based on Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System, and know how to work with customs officer and port authority about import & export the Chemical allied products as per proper raw and GHS compliant SDSregulations.

4. Quality of product is duly confirmed prior to shipment and good consistence, and we guarantee all product have the qualtiy as per Certificate of Analysis (COA).

5. Delivery of product is made as per recommendation of raw and regulation, and product being supplied by us always have the proper Safety Data Sheet and Lable to meet the requirement of GHS (The Globally Harmonized System) & CLP Regulatory Compliance.

6. Registeration of product ("pesticide") if necessay is always in right place. product being supplied are based on FAO/WHO Specifications.

7.Shipment documentary required when making goods declaration at Customs Authorities is always readied with our attention, make you safe and easy to handle chemicals business with us.

8.Business efficacy is the key to win business, to save the costs at port terminal and long distance transportation.

9. Good communications and skills had been trained.