Flufenoxuron, 氟虫脲

Other Name: N-[[[4-[2-chloro-4-(trifluoromethyl)phenoxy]-2-fluorophenyl]amino]carbonyl]-2,6-difluorobenzamide

CAS Number: [ 101463-69-8 ]

Molecular Formula: C21H11ClF6N2O3

Flufenoxuron is a benzoylurea insecticide and acaricide that is used on fruits, vines and ornamentals to control insects and mites.

Flufenoxuron is an acylurea insect growth regulator which kills insect pests through interference with chitin formation. Although not an adulticide, a very high proportion of the eggs laid by an adult that has been exposed to this insecticide are non-viable.

Flufenoxuron has been tested against a wide range of pest species including ants, cockroaches, fleas and mosquitoes and has been shown to provide greatly extended control at exceptionally low dose rates. Because of its novel mode of action flufenoxuron can give outstanding performance against pest strains which have developed resistance to other insecticides and it has been shown to :be effective in both residual spray and bait formulation treatments.

Chitin synthesis inhibitor.

Mode of action
Insect and acarid growth regulator with contact and stomach action. Treated larvae die at the next moult or during the ensuing instar. Treated adults lay non-viable eggs.

Control of immature stages of many phytophagous mites (Aculus, Brevipalpus, Panonychus, Phyllocoptruta, Tetranychus spp.) and insect pests on pome fruit, vines, citrus fruit, tea, cotton, maize, soya beans, vegetables and ornamentals. Applied at 25-200 g/ha, depending on the crop and pests.

Formulation types EC; DC; WG.

Our Technical Material (TC) of Flufenoxuron have the specification as below

Items Specification
Appearance offwhite solid
Content 95% min.
Acidity (as H2SO4 ) 0.5% max.
Loss on Drying 0.5% max.

GHS complaint Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for commercial product of Flufenoxuron is available uopn requested.