Other Name:(E)-N-[(6-chloro-3-pyridinyl)methyl]-N'-cyano-N-methylethanimidamide

CAS Number: [135410-20-7]

Molecular Formula: C10H11ClN4

Acetamiprid is a systemic insecticide suitable for application to foliage, seeds and soil. It has ovicidal and larvicidal activity against Hemiptera and Lepidoptera and controls adults of Thysanoptera. It is active principally by ingestion although some contact action is also observed; penetration through the cuticle..

Acetamiprid has translaminar activity, allowing improved control of aphids and whiteflies on the underside of leaves and provides residual activity lasting up to four weeks. Acetamiprid demonstrates ovicidal activity against organophosphate-resistant tobacco budworms and multi-resistant Colorado beetles. Acetamiprid acts at the nicotinic acetylcholine receptor on the postsynaptic membrane of insect nerve cells. Acetamiprid shows a high affinity for the insect binding site and a much lower affinity for the vertebrate site, allowing a good margin of selective toxicity to insects. Acetamiprid is not metabolised by acetylcholinesterase thus causing uninterrupted nerve signal transmission. Insects demonstrate symptoms of poisoning within 30 minutes of treatment, showing excitement and then paralysis prior to death.

APPLICATIONS Acetamiprid,啶虫脒
Agonist of the nicotinic acetylcholine receptor, affecting the synapses in the insect central nervous system.

Mode of action Systemic insecticide with translaminar activity and with contact and stomach action.

Control of Hemiptera, especially aphids, Thysanoptera and Lepidoptera, by soil and foliar application, on a wide range of crops, especially vegetables, fruit and tea. Applied at 75-300 g/ha on vegetables, 100-700 g/ha in orchards.

Formulation types FU; GR; EC; WP.

Our Technical Material (TC) have the specification as per HG 3755-2004

Items Specification
Appearance White or yellowish solid powder
Content 97% min.
Water 0.5% max.
pH range 4.0-7.0
Acetone Insoluble matter 0.3

GHS complaint Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for commercial product of Acetamiprid is available uopn requested.