Shaoxing Biotech Chemical Co Ltd when doing business with our valuable client, we find our service are commonly referred to below content for general understanding.
  • We can work with any LABLE artwork required for the product label. the most popular format like PDF, AI, CDR, EPS, or any kind of documentary supporting print script languages, we can apply them into the finished product, including the outer package.
  • Vanning Survey Report for every shipment. if there is damage of material, it can be replaced or refunded.
  • Certificate of analysis for every batch of material is available.
  • All shipment from us have the Vanning Survey Report made by our plant. that is to make the clients have very definite idea about how their product looks like and what kind of package. and if it is fit for export and import regulations, if it is fit for redistribution purpose etc.
  • We can prepare Safety Data Sheet for usage
  • Sometimes, to combine shipment by yourselves is not easy especially for small delivery of product but in a long list, forwarder perhaps can do part of job for you, but the better for you to use an agent that can be representative of you in China.
  • We can make goods declaration and tax refund could be in place for our common business, totally save your costs is possible.
  • Working language as both English and Chinese without limitation.