Dinitrotoluene (DNT) Overview

Theoretically, Six DNT isomers are possible for dinitrotoluene. The most common one is 2,4-dinitrotoluene. The nitration of toluene gives sequentially mononitrotoluene, DNT, and finally TNT. 2,4-DNT is the principal product from dinitration, the other main product being about 20% or 35% 2,6-DNT. The nitration of 4-nitrotoluene gives 2,4-DNT.

It is common industrial practice to make polyurethane from a mixture of the isomers, 2,4- and 2,6-toluene diisocyanate (TDI), for example 80/20 or 65/35, derived from 2,4- and 2,6-dinitrotoluene, because it is difficult and expensive to separate them.

High purity of 2,4-Dinitrotoluene especially high purity 2,6-Dinitrotoluene is demanded as an important intermediate chemical to synthetise product like dyestuff as well pigment or some medicine. or the manufacturer have to use isomer of dinitrotoluene is not ideal to have their final product.

Based on such a background, our affiliated factories start to produce high purity of dinitrotoluene, we selected a plant site near the manufacturer of 2,4-DNT isomer mixture in Hubei Province, and started to seperate this chemical, and make us the sole supplier of 2,6-DNT supplier in China. Our product of 2,4-DNT is even appoved for using for airbag gas generator.

Shaoxing City is famous for dyestuff manufacturing with the global market over than 60% share, except for local usage, we hope to develop the international market.

Now we can offer high purity intermediate chemicals which is belong to derivatives of dinitroluene as below:

* Item Name CAS No. Chemical Structure
1 2,4-dinitrotoluene CAS# 121-14-2 2,4-Dinitrotoluene, 2,4-二硝基甲苯
2 2,6-dinitrotoluene CAS# 823-40-5 2,6-dinitrotoluene, 2,6-二硝基甲苯
3 2,4-diaminotoluene CAS# 95-80-7 2,4-diamotoluene, 2,4-二氨基甲苯
4 2,6-diaminotoluene CAS# 823-40-5 2,6-diaminotoluene, 2,6-二氨基甲苯
5 2,6-dihydroxytoluene CAS# 608-25-3 2,6-Dihydroxytoluene, 2,6-二羟基甲苯