Fenoxaprop-P-ethyl, 精噁唑禾草灵 other name:ethyl (R)-2-[4-(6-chloroquinoxalin-2-yloxy)phenoxy]propionate

CAS No.: [ 100646-51-3 ]

Molecular Formula: C19H17ClN2O4

Quizalofop-P-ethyl is a selective, postemergence phenoxy herbicide. It is used to control annual and perennial grass weeds in potatoes, soybeans, sugar beets, peanuts vegetables, cotton and flax. The compound is absorbed from the leaf surface and is moved throughout the plant. It accumulates in the active growing regions of stems and roots. Quizalofop-P and quizalofop-p-ethyl should not to be confused with quizalofop or quizalofop ethyl. These latter two compounds are distinctly different than the former two. The material in this profile only refers to the compound quizalofop-p-ethyl unless specifically stated to the contrary. This is a relatively new compound and thus very little information is available about its toxicity or environmental characteristics. The compound is a General Use Pesticide.

Fatty acid synthesis inhibitor (inhibition of acetyl CoA carboxylase)

Mode of action
Systemic herbicide, absorbed from the leaf surface, with translocation throughout the plant, moving in both the xylem and phloem, and accumulating in the meristematic tissue.

Selective post-emergence control of annual and perennial grass weeds in potatoes, soya beans, sugar beet, peanuts, oilseed rape, sunflowers, vegetables, cotton, and flax. Phytotoxicity Most non-graminaceous crops are tolerant.

Formulation types EC; SC.

Our Technical Material (TC) of Fenoxaprop-P-ethyl have the specification as per HG 3761-2004

Items Specification
Appearance White of offwhite solid
Content 95% min.
Content of R-Isomer 92% min.
Water 0.3% max.
pH Range 5.0~7.0
Acetone Insoluble matter 0.5% max.

GHS complaint Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for commercial product of Fenoxaprop-P-ethyl is available uopn requested.