Prohexadione-Calcium prohexadione calcium, 调环酸钙, 127277-53-6,

other name:calcium 3,5-dioxo-4-(1-oxopropyl)cyclohexanecarboxylate, prohexadione, Prohexadione-Ca

CAS No.: [127277-53-6]

Molecular Formula: C10H10CaO5

Prohexadione Calcium actually could be regarded as plant growth retardant,

Prohexadione-Ca reduces shoot growth by inhibiting late stages of gibberellin (GA) biosynthesis, e.g., hydroxylation of GA20 to GA1, with the result 1) a reduced longitudinal shoot growth, 2) a reduced fruit drop, 3) a lowered level of ethylene and a lowered susceptibility to fire blight.. reducing shoot growth, fire blight, prohexadione calcium

The compound of prohexadione calcium is primarily used to reduce EXCESSIVE vegetative growth, final plant height is reduced, to increase fruit set and improve fruit quality is realized. prohexadione calcium can improve yield.

Prohexadione calcium has shown excellent vegetative growth-control properties in a number of plant species, such as rice, apple, petunia, and various vegetable crops, including cucumber and tomato, caused significant reduction in shoot height and shoot fresh weight.

Prohexadione-calcium is a relatively new growth retardant that was labeled for use on apples in the United States in 1999. A number of reports have confirmed that it is an effective growth retardant. To achieve maximum growth control, it must be applied as soon as sufficient foliage has emerged to allow for foliar penetration. Generally, the timing of the first application is at petal fall. ProCa is rapidly inactivated within the tree . satisfactory growth control that one or more follow-up applications of Prohexadione Calcium are necessary to achieve season-long growth control, especially when lower rates are used

Our Technical Concentrate (TC grade) have below specification:

Items Specification
Appearance white powder
Content (by HPLC) 95% min.

Safety Data Sheet of Prohexadione Calcium is available once upon requested.