Sodium Percarbonate TABLET or Encapsulated Form

Sodium percarbonate (Synonyms: sodium carbonate peroxyhydrate, sodium carbonate peroxide, PCS) is a free-flowing powder with a common name of solid hydrogen peroxide, it is an addition compound of sodium carbonate and hydrogen peroxide. Percarbonate has an active available oxygen content which is equivalent to 27.5% H2O2. It breaks down to oxygen, water and sodium carbonate upon decomposition. It's an environmentally safe bleaching agent.

sodium percarbonate, fish farming, shrimp farming, aquatic farming Tablet form of sodium percarbonate is sinkable in fish/shrimp pond very quickly, it can improve the water quality in the bottom of pond with small dosage without too much affecting about change of pH vaule.

Farmer find a problem that if they spray the powder or crystalline granlur powder form product into .their fish pond, there is dust problem plus the powder form product is dissolving into water very too fast on the surface or top part of water body, but what they want actually is to change the water qualtiy in the bottom of fish pond. that is why farmer prefer to use tablet form product instead of its crystalline powder form.

Even tablet form of product cost more per kg comparing with crystalline powder form, but sinkable form in tablet product can be very helpful to reduce the consumption quantity. the over-used quantity is kill algae some, but the right dosage will not protect algae only.

For the distributor of oxygen tablet, they think about a fact that pill or tablet form is more powderful. they also prefer to sell tablet form product.


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