Cyprodinil,嘧菌环胺 other name: 4-cyclopropyl-6-methyl-N-phenyl-2-pyrimidinamine

CAS No.: [121552-61-2]

Molecular Formula: C14H15N3

Cyprodinil is a systemic pyrimidine fungicide for foliar applications on cereals and strawberries against plant pathogenic fungi. Cyprodinil is acting by inhibiting both the penetration of the fungi into the plant and their mycelial growth on the surface of and inside leaves.

Biochemistry Proposed inhibitor of the biosynthesis of methionine and the secretion of fungal hydrolytic enzymes. There is no cross resistance to benzimidazoles, carbamates, dicarboximides, imidazoles, morpholines, quinolines, strobilurins or triazoles. Mode of action Systemic product, with uptake into plants after foliar application and transport throughout the tissue and acropetally in the xylem. Inhibits penetration and mycelial growth both inside and on the leaf surface. Uses As a foliar fungicide for use in cereals, grapes, pome fruit, stone fruit, strawberries, vegetables, field crops and ornamentals; and as a seed dressing on barley. Controls a wide range of pathogens, Formulation types EC; WG.