Chlormequat Chloride (CCC)

chloremequat chloride, 矮壮素,7003-89-6 ,

other name: 2-chloro-N,N,N-trimethylethanaminium chloride, 2-chloroethyltrimethylammonium chloride, CCC

CAS No.: [ 7003-89-6 ]

Molecular Formula: C5H13Cl2N

Chlormequat Chloride (CCC) is a plant growth regulator inhibiting the action of the gibberellic acid, resulting in shortening and strengthening of stems in plants and reduced branching and foliage in certain species of shrubs and trees.

Coincidentally Chlormequat Chloride increases the chlorophyll formation and the development of the root system, resulting in greater crop yield. 

The main application is in the cereal cultivation where Chlormequat treatment reduces stem length, thickens and strengthens the plants to prevent lay-down.chlormequat, CCC

Benefits for using chloriquat chloride are including:

  • Chlormequat chloride has inhibitory effect on plant growth.
  • Chlormequat chloride can make the leaf greener and make the root and neck hairchested, thus increasing the output and prevent the plant from lodging.
  • Chlormequat chloride can make the root have better hydroscopicity.
  • Chlormequat chloride can be resolved in the soil easily, no pollution the the soil.

Our Technical Concentrate (TC grade) have below specification:

Items Specification
Appearance white powder
Content 98% min.

Safety Data Sheet of Chlormequat Chloride is available once upon requested.