Carboxin, 萎锈灵other name: 5,6-dihydro-2-methyl-N-phenyl-1,4-oxathiin-3-carboxamide

CAS No.: [5234-68-4]

Molecular Formula: C12H13NO2S

Carboxin is a systemic anilide fungicide. It is used as a seed treatment for control of smut, rot, and blight on barley, oats, rice, cotton, vegetables, corn and wheat. It is also used to control fairy rings on turf grass. The product may be used to prevent the formation of these diseases or may be used to cure existing plant diseases
Carboxin is a general use pesticide.

Biochemistry Inhibits mitochondrial function by disrupting complex II (succinate dehydrogenase) in the respiratory electron transport chain. Mode of action Systemic fungicide. Uses Seed treatment for control of smuts and bunts (particularly loose smut, Ustilago spp.), at 50-200 g/100 kg seed, on barley, wheat, and oats; seedling diseases (particularly Rhizoctonia spp.) of barley, wheat, oats, rice, cotton, peanuts, soya beans, vegetables, maize, sorghum, and other crops. The dimorphic forms do not differ in fungicidal activity. Formulation types SC; FS; WP; Seed treatment