Calcium Peroxide

Calcium peroxide is a white or yellowish solid peroxide which slowly decomposes to release oxygen at a "controlled" rate when in contact of hydrous media. Calcium peroxide based chemical oxygen product is of the most temperature stable inorganic oxygen release compounds. It decomposes slowly in moist air, is practically insoluble in water, and dissolves in acids, forming hydrogen peroxide.

Calcium peroxide is an ecologically pure substance, which can be used in different fields of industry and agriculture. In environmental protection it is used for in-situ bioremediation of groundwater and decontaminating soil. In agriculture it is used as fertilizing rich with oxygen, for presowing treatment of rice seed, etc. It has been increasingly used in aquaculture to oxygenate and disinfect water. Besides, this chemical may be used in poultry-raising and cattle-breeding, precious metal production and bakery industry.

Typical applications: soil remediation, groundwater remediation, site remediation, in situ bioremediation (or bio remediation and biological remediation), aquaculture bioremediation, rice seed coating, oxygen fertilizer. (The oxygen released aids in root respiration and calcium ions help in strengthening granlues, sinking soild form of calcium peroxide. the crop)

In addition to tranditional fine powder form of calcium peroxide, we also developed granules form of calcium peroxide for your final application, it is preferred by some aquaculture industry and in-situ bioremediation, easy to sink and spread in the soil and water body, with slower oxygen release profile. and the dissolving speed is also slower for your requirement. or we can add some quick breaking components fillers/binders for your speical applications etc.


Specification Data Sheet (Fine Powder Form 75% grade)
Specification Data Sheet (Fine Powder Form 60% grade)
Specification Data Sheet (Granlues / Sinking Solid Form)
Material Safety Data Sheet