Brassinosteroids (BRs)

Paclobutrazol, 多效唑,巴克素

other name: Brassinolide (BRs); (2RS,3RS)-1-(4-chlorophenyl)-4,4-dimethyl-2-(1H-1,2,4-triazol-1-yl)pentan-3-ol,

CAS No.: [78821-42-8, 78821-43-9, 110369-52-3, 74174-44-0]

* decided by its stereoisomer*

Molecular Formula: C15H20ClN3O

Brassinosteroids are a class of polyhydroxysteroids that have been recognized as a sixth class of plant hormones, the first brassinosteroid isolated is commonly named as brassinolide, with the development of chemical systhesis and biotechnologies production, we get the similar product, compound mixtures or isomer mixtures. actually more than 40 Brassinosteroids and their conjugates have been characterized by chemist.

Commodity name like 24-brassinolide, 24-epi-brassinolide, 22,23-diepi-28-homebrassinolide, 28-homebrassinolide,is often to be used.

We normally recommend the mature product of 28-homebrassinolide for your application.

28-homebrassinolide,芸苔素内脂The performance of product are including:

  1. to promote cell division and expansion;
  2. to facilitate fertilization of hermaphrodite flower and female flower and accelerate number of fruiting bodies;
  3. to increase the chlorophyll content and promote plant’s photosynthesis;
  4. to strengthen the plant’s drough-resistant ability.
Brassinolide is used as an oil-emulsion or water-emulsion for a variety of crops, e.g. rice, wheat, corn, cotton, tobacco; and for lots of orchard and fruit products, e.g., orange, bean, cucumber, potato, vegetable. Its use can result in a remarkable promotion of crop’s growth and productivity; and a promotion of ability of crop’s disease-resistant, salt-resistant and cold-resistan thus to alleviate the harmfulness resulting from the use of herbicides.