Fosetyl-aluminium, 三乙膦酸铝 other name: ethyl hydrogen phosphonate ; aluminium tris-O-ethylphosphonate

CAS No.: [15845-66-6]

Molecular Formula:C6H18AlO9P3

Fosetyl Aluminium is a long-lasting, broad spectrum preventative fungicide for the control of diseases such as Pythium and Phytophthora in turf, ornamentals and bedding plants. True up-and-down systemic action for effective, preventative turf/plant disease control. Stimulates defense mechanisms, enhances plant vigor. Single application delivers up to 30 days protection.

Fosetyl-Alminium can be used for control of diesease caused by e.g phytophthora, pythium, plasmopara, bremia spp., etc. on a variety of crops including vines, fruit (citus, pineapples, avocodos, stone fruit and pome fruit), berries, vegetables, hops, ornamentals and turf.


Mode of action is believed to be the same as for fenpiclonil. Inhibits MAP kinase, in osmotic signal transduction.

Mode of action
Non-systemic product with long residual activity. Uptake into the plant tissues and curative properties are generally limited. Inhibits mainly the germination of conidia and, to a lesser extent, the germ tube and mycelial growth.

As a seed treatment, for control of Fusarium spp., Microdochium, Rhizoctonia, Tilletia, Pyrenophora and Septoria in both cereal and non-cereal crops, at 2.5-10 g/100 kg. As a foliar fungicide, for control of Botrytis, Monilinia, Sclerotinia, and Alternaria in grapes, stone fruit, berry crops, vegetables, and ornamentals, at 250-500 g/ha; also on turf, against Fusarium, Helminthosporium, Rhizoctonia, Sclerotinia and Typhula, at 400-800 g/ha. Also as a post-harvest treatment on stonefruit at 30-60 g/hl against Botrytis, Monilinia and Penicillium.

Formulation types DS; FS; SC; WG; WP.

Our Technical Material (TC) have the specification as per standard HG 3296-2001

Items Specification
Appearance Offwhite powder,
Content95% min.
Loss of drying 1.0 % max.
Orthophosphite [ as Al2(HPO3)3 ]1.0 % max.

GHS complaint Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for commercial product of Fosetyl-aluminium is available uopn requested.