1-Naphthylacetic Acid

1-naphthylacetic-acid, NAA, α-Naphthaleneacetic acid

other name: [α-Naphthaleneacetic acid], [ NAA ]

CAS No.: [86-87-3]

Molecular Formula: C12H10O2

1-Naphthylacetic acid is used as a plant growth regulator and for plant tissue culture. It is used for the vegetative propagation of plants from stem and leaf cutting, abscission promoter and substrate for auxin inducers of specific plant enzymes. Further, it stimulates root formation in cuttings of woody and herbaceous plants. It is also used to prevent premature flower and fruit drop. It is also employed to control regrowth of tree sprouts after trimminguse. In addition to this, it is used in ornaments and serves as an ingredient in many commercial plant rooting horticultural products.

Naphtylacetic Acid promotes elongation and formation of roots, and acts as a growth inhibitor at higher concentrations.

To stimulate root formation in cuttings of woody and herbaceous plants, and vines; to prevent premature flower and fruit drop in apples, pears, grapes, guavas, mangoes, water melons, pawpaws, citrus fruits, aubergines, cucumbers, cotton, soya beans, etc.; to improve setting in fruit; as a fruit thinning agent in apples, pears, olives, citrus, and other fruit; and to induce flowering in pineapples.

Our Technical Concentrate (TC grade) have below specification:

Items Specification
Appearance white powder
Content (by HPLC) 98% min.
Melt Point 155-157 °C
Residues after Ignition 0.15% max.
Loss on Drying 0.5% max.
pH Value 3-6
Acetone Insoluble 1.0% max.

The sodium salts of Naphthaleneacetic Acid, NAA-Na is also available.