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Shaoxing Biotech Chemical Co Ltd is legally registered company in China as per appliable law and regulations, business scope are including peroxygen salts/peroxide, drilling chemicals, pesticides (plant growth regulators, fungicides, herbicides) and intermediate chemical etc..

Company growth benefit from correct understanding about biotechnology relatived chemical. We are continuously committed to marketing research and link us closely with our valuable clients. Apparently, satisfication rising from skills and expereiences, good characters like honest, reliability are even not suffiecient for nowadays business, good at study and fast responsible is becoming quite important.

The presentation on the website is only a corn of us, our efforts are to make them as a pond. Sharing information as we have.

Plant Growth Regulator




Insecticides & Acaricides

Peroxygen Salts & Peroxides

Vitamins, Food Bio-Preservatives, Active Pharmaecutical Ingredients (API)